Conscious Property Alchemy

a business model, a philosophy and a new way of looking at property developments and Real estate investments.

Maximum Group’s proprietary –  for profit – Impact Property Investing while enhancing communities, environment and the planet.


Being Conscious while doing business involves a new way of looking at property investments and development in a Conscious way – conscious of the impact the enterprise makes on the environment, community and the planet.


The Property industry is my chosen field of expertise.

This is the industry I feel passionate about and have been involved in it since 1993.


Alchemy means making money out of non-profitable or undesirable items.

This is the important part of the model – as this is what takes the business model further and makes it adaptable by/for others.

What is Conscious Business?

  • Conscious business is the business that aims to make Profit while Doing Good!
  • In Conscious Business, Profit and Doing Good are inseparable!

Rather than being just about profit, or just about Doing Good, Conscious Business aims to connect the two into an inseparable whole. The result is a business model which offers Doing Good as a product or service, while maintaining stability and financial independence of a commercial enterprise.

Conscious Property Alchemy Infrastructure Services Model (CPAISM)

Water Harvesting and Recycling

Waste Treatment

Bio Digester

Electrical Power Generation

Gas Heating

Data Connectivity

Waste Management

CPA Also Incorporates

Aquaponic and Hydroponic Farming

Alternative Building Practices

Stay with us, more info is coming up soon!

Part of Maximum Group – Leading the Industry Through Conscious Property Alchemy