Conscious Property Alchemy Infrastructure Services Model

The lack of existing serviced infrastructure is among the biggest challenges that developing countries have to face.


The sheer cost and complexity of installing such services is often a prohibitive factor in furthering the reach.


Conscious Property Alchemy Infrastructure Services Model (CPAISM) looks at the infrastructure and development services model.

Conscious Property Alchemy Infrastructure Services Model (CPAISM)

Water Harvesting and Recycling

Waste Treatment

Bio Digester

Electrical Power Generation

Gas Heating

Data Connectivity

Waste Management

Conscious Property Alchemy Services Model (CPA Harnessing Material)

– Waste Management



Building the CPAISM from the ground up – one of the most important factors in Conscious Property Alchemy is Waste Management.



Traditionally, waste management ensures that waste does not pile up in the human habitats and is taken away to designated spots and land fill.

Yet, this way – huge amounts of resources are not being utilized and are being wasted. A whole treasure of recycled material lies on landfills!


The name alone – “Waste” – shows the human relationship with it.


The relationship that humans have with waste in general is the one of hate, embarrassment, dislike, inconvenience and discarding.


Humans always wanted to hide the waste and unfortunately, we got very creative in doing so.

This is why we, regrettably, find waste in seas and oceans, rivers, fields, cities and so on.

Waste, not managed well creates an extremely bad impact on the environment, the planet, nature, fauna and flora, societies and communities.


Therefore, in Conscious Property Alchemy – Waste is the commodity – Harnessing Material.

Treating Harnessing Material as a commodity rather than waste, our relationship and view towards it changes accordingly.


By learning how to manage and harness the waste in a more conscious manner – waste can empower us to the new heights.


Thus, utilizing the Harnessing Material is one of the key components to living in a conscious and harmonious way with environment and the planet.


Harnessing Material is the key to number of issues:

  • To having habitable environment,
  • Well managed Harnessing Material will not impact the environment,
  • Harnessing Material can enrich and empower.


  • Well managed and utilized Harnessing Material does not cause blockages and hamper other services,
  • Creating sustainable business model
  • Job creation


Conscious Property Alchemy Infrastructure Services Model Harnessing Management (CPAISM HARNESSING) embraces and harnesses the materials.



Getting the most out of harnessing material is achieved by using a number of different technologies and applying various processing methods which form part of the CPASM HARNESSING model.


The Harnessing Material treatment needs to start at the source.

The source of the material needs to start sorting it.


For this reason, special purpose Harnessing Containers are being used. End users start sorting Harnessing Material and separating plastics, tyres, papers, oils, and so on.

Such behavior is rewarded through various ways in order to ensure high compliance – i.e. free internet access, discounts on some services, and so on.


Partially sorted material is then taken to centers for further sorting and recycling.


These include, but are not limited to:

– General recycling and creation of Biofuel, Electricity, Gas, Grey and Drinkable Water,

– Organic Recycling and compost creation,

– Using the natural flows of Harnessing Material,

– Making use of different consistency and quality to create energy.


In an advanced society, Harnessing Material is minimized and are used, utilized, converted and mined.


The Alchemy is created through collaboration with the community, while recycling, energy creation and preserving the environment.


Community plays important role as part of the off take for the services.


It is through these utilizations that not only that the returns are realized, but also maintenance is minimized as infrastructure is kept clean and in-tact.


The impact – or lack thereof – of a well-managed Harnessing Material process is felt throughout the whole value chain – from city infrastructure maintenance to home maintenance, health and environment, sense of well-being for the community, the impact on the environment, flora and fauna and so on.


It is one of the basic yet crucially important components in the Conscious Property Alchemy Infrastructure Services Model.

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